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  • Stopp staffing your Teams like Boy Scout Groups

    September 1, 2012

    I really like the idea of mentoring programs in project teams, but too often this is a excuse to staff teams with too many youngsters and only a very small amount of senior developers. The seniors are accounted as 100% project member with all their normal responsibilities, in addition to the super nanny job of mentoring the new comers. As a result this is a 150% job they need to do.

  • AppDynamics: Support that simply rocks !

    July 24, 2012

    Support that simply rocks!

    Working with the AppDynamics Support is simply the best experience for years. It's the most responsive and helpful support I experienced and most of the time my problems are solved immediately. With other Support Teams you play often the "Send me your logs and we have a look" Game, that ends in sending multiple Logs every time the Support needs to respond based on the SLAs.

    With the AppDynamics Support the new record is that, I asked the Support if something is possible with the current release. It was not possible with the current release and we converted the question to a feature request.

  • MongoDB Launcher download link fixed

    June 27, 2012

    I fixed the download link for the MongoDB Launcher. Sorry for the wrong link. Now it should work.

    The new link is here

  • Releasing MongoDB Launcher

    June 24, 2012

    MongoDB Lauchner Logo Today i release my first Mac OS X Utility. Just a small tool to control a MongoDB Instance. It's the first version(Version 0.1). It's a Menubar Utility and helps me start my MongoDB Instance for my projects and take a quick look in the Server Output to see what is happing in the background.

    Feel free to download and test it and leave a comment, request a feature or submit a ticket for a bug.

    You can find it [here]({{ root_url }}/mongodb-launcher/)

  • Blogging with Telegr.am

    June 23, 2012

    From Octopress to painless mobile blogging

    In the last time i switched my blogging to Octopress and started to work on my posts with Markdown. It makes it really easy to write Blogposts on my iPad and i started with a lot of posts.

    But one thing stops me from using Octopress while i work on my iPad: i need to trigger the publishing on my server. This could only be done by ssh and i needed to checkout my site from github to update it. All of this could be done by some scripts i've written, but at the end i needed to login to my server and start things manually.

  • Mozzy Backup is eating my CPU

    April 22, 2012

    Today Mozzy Backup is starting to eat two CPUs. Just to be idle. 225% CPU Usage just to be there is a little bit too much.

    Analyzing the process shows a little Problem with the Number of processes.

    Dispatch Thread Soft Limit: 64 reached in 350 of 350 samples -- too many dispatch threads blocked in synchronous operations
    Dispatch Thread Hard Limit: 512 reached in 350 of 350 samples -- too many dispatch threads blocked in synchronous operations

    Physkila Memory is up to 2.17GB and Virtual RAM to 6.20GB. This looks like a little bit too much for a small Backup Client.

    Die, and please restart :)

  • Dash, Snippet Manager and Documentation Browser

    April 22, 2012

    [serve: true]: /

    Everyday Problems: Snippet Manager and Documentation Browser for different Languages

  • AppCode from Jetbrains

    April 20, 2012

    AppCode from JetBrains

    Xcode is the standard IDE for iOS/OS X development and it is free from Apple. But, even the newest Version have some bugs and missing features that makes your live a little bit harder than it should be. AppCode from Jetbrains fixes a lot of these things and give you a lot better development experience than Xcode alone.

    From the AppCode Homepage

    AppCode is an IDE for Objective-C developers building native Cocoa apps
    for  MacOS X or iOS who strive for higher coding productivity and better 
    code quality.

  • Switching to Octopress for blogging

    April 18, 2012

    After fighting with blogger and theming and the requirement to blog online i decided to have a look at different blogging options.

    I do not blog very much because most of the time i think about a blog entry when i'm offline. After stumpling on a blog post about Jekyll and later Octopress this looks good enought to give it a try.

    So this is the first post with Ooctopress.

    <!-- more -->

    Some installation notes for Mac OS X Lion

  • Live has changed dramatically

    April 3, 2012

    Since the start of the year my life has changed dramatically, making me rethink how i lived before and what priorities i had in the last years. It's time to change everything and to spent more time with living, my family and less time working for other people. Live seems to be to short to be wasted and every day is a gift.

    My career as a freelancer was more than successful and fun all the time. I worked hard and could have worked 200% more if the days were only 48h. But some things in live are not planed and not predictable.