After fighting with blogger and theming and the requirement to blog online i decided to have a look at different blogging options.

I do not blog very much because most of the time i think about a blog entry when i'm offline. After stumpling on a blog post about Jekyll and later Octopress this looks good enought to give it a try.

So this is the first post with Ooctopress.

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Some installation notes for Mac OS X Lion

Octopress is easy to install. On Mac OS X you should use rvm to get the latest ruby version. My installation on Lion and Xcode 4.3 nedded some tweaks to work. First you need ruby 1.9.3. For this you need to patch the .rvmrc file in the octopress directory to `rvm use 1.9.3`.

If you have Xcode 4.3 installed and bundler is comlaining about some native extensions you need to switch to the new installation directory of Xcode.

``` bash Code to switch to the new Xcode installation directory. sudo xcode-select -switch /Applications/

After this try again to install the gems and it should work.  

There are some good articles on the web to help you and provide you with some extra informations: 

+ [Matt Gemell | Blogging with Ocotopress](
+ [alessandro melandri | Nice theme customizations](