alt MongoDB Launcher Logo (c) MongoDB Launcher for Mac OS X V0.1

MongoDB Launcher is a very simple Utility for Mac OS X, that starts and stops your local installed MongoDB Instance. It was writte because i'm too lazy to open the terminal and start MongoDB for the projects i need it. I use it mainly for my with brew installed MongoDB Instance. The Menu Bar Icon gives you a colored feedback if your instance is running or not and with the first version you can simply open the log winwow to see what is happening.


You only need to configure the executable path and the config parameters yuo want to provide and press start and it will show the log of the server and runs in the background. That's all.


You can download the App for Mac OS X 10.7 here

Planed Features

If have a lot of features in my mind. Here are some of them:

- Sparkle Update Framework integration - Different MongoDB Instances. Start a master and a client - killing already running instances - Integrating with a Cocoa Lib for MongoDB to get some statistics - Simple Shell to connect to MongoDB and run some commands (maybe with some stored scripts) - Growl / Notifaction Center Integration ...

Feature Requests, Bugs, Praise and Dispraise

If you find a bug or have a feature request I have tried to make it as easy as possible with a UserView Feedback Form. You can find it on the left side. If you just want to leave a comment use the comments below.


The Software is Donation Ware. If you like it, spend me a coffee.